The Last Straws
The Last Straws
The Last Straws
The Last Straws

The Last Straws

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Get it? Because it's straws, but also because you're frustrated that about 500,000,000 plastic straws get trashed in the United States every day?

You can like using straws and take care of the environment! These reusable, portable, dishwasher safe premium food grade stainless-steel straws can be used time and again. Maybe you want to be traditional classy strutting the steel color straws or fabulous sporting the rainbow color straws. The 8-straw set comes with a portable carrying case because when you are on the go, your reusable straws need to be ready to roll!

  • Premium food grade stainless-steel
  • BPA and lead free
  • No metal aftertaste
  • Reusable, dishwasher safe
  • Set includes 8 drinking straws, 1 brush straw cleaner, and carrying case
  • Straw variations include 4 straight 8.5” straws, and 4 bent 8.25” straws

Straws available in two color options: Sea-Saving Silver and and Reuse-It Rainbow