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Time to Spill the beans...read our story and meet our Small but Mighty team!

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way. Beth and Brandie was co-founded by two career women who found friendship in the business setting. Offices side-by-side joined by a secret pocket door in the wall (literally), as our friendship blossomed we realized we were Two Sides of a Coin. The longer we worked together, the more we realized our skillsets were complimentary of each other. And a dream began to form; starting something we could call our own to build a local, West Michigan “framily” business (wink, wink...the friends and family who we hope to join our team one day).

Both on the go, working, active mothers of three; we have many interests, responsibilities and are passionate about many things! To keep up with our busy lives, we cherish our favorite tumblers, mugs, bottles, and containers that keep us and our families hydrated and fed. 

And it isn’t just us! Who isn’t passionate about hydration and the best tumbler to keep your drink Piping Hot? A Good tumbler is All the Rage and we hope to give you the The Perfect Fit.

To Cut to the Chase, we decided to start our journey selling quality drink, and kitchenware. Our goal is to infuse the fun and passion we have outside of work, and our endearing, quirky personalities into our company and products. Our marketing and design inspiration comes from the One and Only Brandie and her famous “Owosso-isms”. Known to the rest of us as idioms (i.e. common phrases that make no logical sense), Brandie has an endearing way of weaving these phrases into everyday conversation more than The Average Joe. She even has a few that are just made up!


We are committed to finding quality drinkware and kitchenware. Always researching top market available products for sustainable, vacuum-sealed hydration, stainless steel, BPA free, dishwasher safe, and food grade steel and silicone. In addition to our designer drinkware, we want people to be able to personalize and even create custom drinkware whether to capture a special moment, treat a special person in your life, or maybe show off your own essence and flair.

Along with providing excellent customer service and product satisfaction; we strive to always be learning and growing in our inclusive practices from our company to our community. Providing inclusive, welcoming staff environments to quality, affordable products with a spectrum of different sizes, shapes, and designs. We want everyone to find something fabulous that speaks to them. And if we don’t make it, we print personalizable and custom products too.




President / Founder

I would describe myself as a mom, partner, educator, adventurist, have a lust for travel, and a notebook doodler with a side of crafty. I am not sure how I meshed these traits together, but I am both structured and spontaneous (even with 3 kids)!

Loving both organization and adventure, I am always grabbing the right tumbler for the occasion. From backyard sand volleyball, a road trip, hanging at the lake, a Michigan State tailgate/football game, or gathering my friends to go retrieve a “must-have”, marketplace “deal” I have found (many involve a truck and straps); I need my 32oz caffeinated ice team in the morning to fuel my energy and my 12oz lowball tumbler for relaxed evening affairs.

My career has honed my skill set and passion for working on and building teams, and systems. With this experience and aspiration to build something I can call my own, I set out to build a local, “framily” business where I could carve out space to work with the people I love, and hone my inner artist and career aspirations.

I hope to offer quality products that speak to a variety of people and bring flare (and “organization”) to others.




What does it look like to have your personal motto be "why do when you can over do"? In real life, this means your family pet is a snorting mini pug named Sparkes, your favorite color is glitter, and your children tell you that even your clap is too loud.

A mom of a middle schooler, highschooler, and college student; I am the definition of "on-the-go". Seen hustling around rural Allendale I frequently joke I am "farm strong", driving to-and-fro in my surburan and cat-eyed sunglasses.

My goal in life is to never be alone, so I pride myself on never having met a stranger. I like to say, I will just keep showing up until you figure out I will be here anyway! 

I have established a successful 20-year career in higher education but anyone who has met me says I missed my calling...SALES...insert career 2.0. I am not sure if it is the regular occurence of selling products to others while shopping; or as others say my magnetic personality and loath of quiet.

I hope to use my love of talking to others and passion for a quality product to create success in this new venture.




This ride-or-die guy is always ready to go and always has something to drink (which is why his drinkware is so important).

A somewhat chubby and effeminate gay man, Dexter loves to dance, sing, cook, camp and travel. When he's not cuddling with his fat cat Maggie and watching horror movies, he's likely completing an escape room with friends, dancing to Zumba, or just aimlessly driving around the city with a breve latte or smoothie.

Dexter hopes to continue working on his design skills and is always excited to help customers customize their drinkware. More importantly, he is beyond lucky to be able work with two of his best friends.